What are the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage?

benefits of deep tissue massage

The deep tissue massage has similar benefits of Swedish massage. However there are some differences, the extra pressure used in deep tissue massage father helps son releasing the chronic tension of muscles. This method focuses more on the deepest layers of fascia (the layers of protection surrounding the joints, bones, and muscles), tendons, and muscle tissues.

Moreover, the Swedish massage has more of a relaxing effect with its lighter strokes while the deep tissue massage involves more finger pressure with slow and firm strokes. This massage technique has more therapeutic value and often used to treat several conditions. This method is particularly favorable in treating major groups of muscles such as lower back or neck. Further, it is useful to treat injuries of tendons and joints or relieving strains.

Deep tissue massage: what happens?

Deep tissue massage involves the manipulation of soft tissues and deeper muscle layers of your body. Direct pressure and warm oils are used by the massage therapists to reach the deep layers of your muscle tissues by relaxing the top layers. This method of massage therapy is ideal to relieve the chronic pains and aches.

The benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

The aim of deep tissue massage is not to offer relaxation but rehabilitation and therapy. Therefore you may feel some discomfort during the whole process or even after completing the session. You have to lie on your back or stomach while the therapist will apply different degrees of pressure on your affected muscles (the ones with issues).

During this process, you may experience some pain as the method concentrates more on relieving the tension and strain of tissues which go deeper. The massage movements also not always occur along with the muscles but sometimes go against it which also may result in some pain. However, the pain should not be intense and if such pain occurs then inform your therapist immediately. Keeping relaxed is the best possible way of extracting the most out of your deep tissue massage therapy session. Having trust on your therapist is also important. Always prefer an experienced and certified massage therapist if you want to have a session of deep tissue massage.

Some of the common issues tackled by this method are:

  • Reducing of chronic pain
  • Increasing joint mobility
  • Relieving stress
  • Breaking down scar tissues
  • Helping in muscle rehab
  • Removing symptoms and pain of arthritis
  • Treating back pain
  • Lowering the high blood pressure

When not to have deep tissue massage

As the deep tissue massage is of therapeutic in nature, you have to be very careful of several issues before opting for a session. The things to look after are:

  • If you were diagnosed with blood clots in the past, do not go for this massage.
  • The process may dislodge the clots and cause massive health issues. Consult your doctor before opting for deep tissue massage.
  • Do not attempt to have a deep tissue massage in case you have a history of certain medical conditions, recent surgeries, radiation treatment, and undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Deep tissue massage is also not good if you are a patient of osteoporosis.
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